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Thurso Surf Expedition Review: Standup paddle boarding is greater than only a pleasant water sport; the humans in the back of making those inflatable SUPs are all about dwelling your excellent life whilst presenting you an outlet to nature and water.

Thurso Surf’s group takes its undertaking very seriously due to the fact it’s not best a process that wishes to get done however it’s also their ardour. Thus, we can say that the Thurso Surf Expedition Touring SUP is made with lots of love and professionalism providing anybody a danger to experience how it feels to head on a high priced and a laugh water trip.

Thurso Surf Expedition Review

Here in the Thurso Surf Expedition Review we will get the performance, measurements, Quality, Features and more.

You should get used to seeing quite a few heads turn when you get your self the Thurso Expedition iSUP; this is a totally attractive board with a terrific sharp and present day design.


The Thurso Surf Expedition is 11 toes and six inches lengthy making it a tremendous option for traveling and long distance paddling. It’ll additionally work super properly for large riders or for all and sundry who’s into packing the entirety they need for their expeditions.

Now this board is simplest 30 inches extensive and that’s for a reason; the wider the board the slower it’ll be, and given that this board is supposed for long distance traveling, paddling it has to be clean, speedy and clean, hence, the Thurso Surf Expedition iSUP is slimmer for a better and quicker performance.

In phrases of thickness, this board nonetheless got the unbeatable 6 inches to reinforce the balance aspect and keep the iSUP floating even when it reaches maximum weight capacity (330 lbs).


Here in Thurso Surf Expedition Review we will explain you the quality of it, the people behind Thurso Surf’s iSUPs went beyond ardour to perfect their production. The Expedition Touring iSUP board could easily be put on the list of the pinnacle toughest iSUPs on the market.

Thurso used the most powerful iSUP shape on the market, providing DOUBLE LAYER creation with TRIPLE/QUAD Military Grade PVC coatings at the deck and sides. The TWO-layer PVC coated tarpaulin is bonded to a PVC lined drop stitch core whilst the deck and backside layers are capped with extra aspect wraps. It might sound like it’s too many layers and work however it’s sincerely what makes the SUP board lightweight, extremely long lasting, with a overall performance much like that of a hardboard.

As a brand, Thurso Surf promises Top Engineering + Best Materials + Deluxe Accessories + Second-to-None Service with every and every manufactured from theirs and that’s something you can feel when you attempt one in every of their iSUPs.


Boards just like the Thurso Surf Expedition Touring SUP make me sense like an 8 year antique who simply got a brand new toy. Looking at this board on my own can upward push your adrenaline level up; I mean examine it, this board is great sharp with an first-rate wood graphic design published on it making it all pricey, real and sporty.

In addition as in Thurso Surf Expedition Review we explain, how good looking this board is, the Expedition Touring iSUP comes with a excellent traction pad that covers 1/2 it’s back; it’s not possible for your feet to slip or slide even if there’s water. It’s additionally incredible patted and soft providing you most comfort and composure.

You’ll additionally find 2 storage areas; the first one at the deck with 6 D-rings and a bungee cord while the second is at the tail with four D-earrings. This feature is what makes standup paddle boards what they are; you can pack some thing you need on board and you’ll still have sufficient area for your self.

There are 2 deliver handles; a important one so you can single handedly deliver the inflated board around and another on the nose for while you pull the board into or outdoor the water.

Moreover, the function that makes a noticeable difference in a board’s performance is the navigation system. This board has 3 detachable fins which can be long lasting and sharp to ensure the board cuts smoothly in unique water situations with splendid monitoring and lowest drag.

Finally, the Thurso Surf Expedition is featured with four extra D-jewelry on the sides and people can be used in exclusive ways inclusive of attaching a kayak seat.


Thurso Surf didn’t and won’t threat destructive the popularity in their iSUPs by means of compromising the appropriate all-inclusive package. This latter will have you ever blanketed with:
A CARBON shaft paddle is far advanced to those made from aluminum or fibreglass. It weighs best 2 lbs.! It’s stronger, it floats, and it is able to be transformed to a kayak paddle with an additional blade (offered separately).
A roller travel backpack to make storing and transporting this large man and clean task.
An Inflate/deflate Double Action Pump.
The previously stated 3 removable fins.
And a ten ft. Double Swivel Coiled Leash.


First matters first, the call of this board says it all; the Thurso Surf Expedition Touring iSUP. It’s one hell of a flexible board that’ll assist you to try one of a kind water activities relying at the water condition.

Now although the board is only 30 inches extensive, it stays a strong board that may deal with weight just perfectly. However, a novice might want some time to grasp this board given its size and specifications
This Thurso Surf Expedition is a fast boy; the sharp nose and narrow deck make knifing through the water clean and handy and that comes in reality accessible in choppy waters for you to carry out some hints and maneuvers. That being said, you could either surf, race or just relax on a private expedition the usage of the identical board.

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